Monday, November 28, 2011

Full Tilt Artist Residency


Full Tilt Artist Residency
Full Tilt Creative

McIvers, Newfoundland

Full Tilt is proud to have hosted many artists SINCE 2006. The Creative Centre has two full Residence spaces that include private rooms, bathrooms and studio spaces.

If you are interested in a Residency at Full Tilt, the following will be required from you once we have received your initial application and we have contacted you:
  • Letter of intent describing your project and your expectations for your residency
  • Visual, audio and/or text related documentation of previous projects
  • Support material such as reviews, articles and catalogues
  • Curriculum Vitae - maximum 3 pages
  • Description of your studio needs

Documentation Requirements by Discipline

Visual Artists: Include digital copies, websites or video documentation in NTSC DVD or NTSC1/2" VHS format representative of your recent work with identification information.

Writers: Include selection of published work(s) or work(s) in progress, maximum 10pages.

Musicians & Composers: Include recordings of your recent work.

Film/Video Artists: Include 10-30minutes of previous work.

Other Disciplines: Include appropriate examples/documentation of your work with a framework similar to those outlined above

Visit website for more information and to view accommodations:

Online application available here:


Full Tilt
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