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Wearable Art Awards

Deadline: December 2, 2011, 5pm (ONLINE)

Wearable Art Awards
Port Moody Arts Centre

Port Moody, British Columbia
March 1— April 8, 2012

The Wearable Art Awards is not a fashion show, it is a multi-media performance where the human body becomes a living, breathing, moving canvas. We are looking for more than a “pretty dress.” We are asking you to go deep into your imagination to create a wearable piece of art that challenges what most consider to be wearable, or everyday fashion.

The Wearable Art Awards is committed to challenging artists of all mediums to push their imaginations to create evocative, imaginative and thought provoking sculpture for the human body.

Entry fee: $25 for first entry, $40 for 2 entries, $50 for 3 entries

An entry must fall into one of the following three form-based categories. Cash prizes will be presented to category winners as determined by the jury.
 Headdress
 Brassiere
 Complete Outfit

Port Moody Arts Centre reserves the right to cancel categories at any point during the judging process. Port Moody Arts Centre reserves the right to move entries between categories if it is felt the entry is better suited to a category other than that for which it was originally submitted.

Entries must be a full outfit to be considered for this category. To be considered a full outfit, the entry should cover a model’s upper and lower body.

All entries will be juried based on the following criteria:
 Complete entry forms, images and fees received by deadline;
 All entries must be wearable, and able to withstand being put on and off our models multiple times for photo shoots, fittings and performances;
 Entry must not have been previously exhibited in the Tri-Cities area (Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam);
 Entries must be suitable for viewers of all ages;
 Creativity and originality;
 Design and the use of multiple elements and techniques;
 Quality of workmanship and construction;
 Overall presentation; and,
 Conceptual meaning and impact.

During the performance, entries will be judged on this criteria, weighted in favour of overall impression and conceptual message.

$5,000 in prize money will be awarded. Amount and number of prizes within categories will be dependent on the number of entries received and subject to the jury’s discretion. Maximum amount of a single prize to be awarded will be $500.

In addition to competing for a category win, entries will also be eligible for the following cash prize awards as determined by the jury:

 Material of the Year: Netting and Webbing
 Color of the Year: Purple
 Wearable Art of Tomorrow
 Second Life
 Student
 Best in Show
 People’s Choice Award

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If you have questions, please contact Ella Caranfil, Event Coordinator

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