Saturday, July 02, 2011

Lines into Shapes: Multi-media Art Competition and Sale

Deadline: September 9, 2011 (RECEIVE)

15th Annual "Lines into Shapes"
Multi-media Art Competition and Sale
Art Center of Estes

Estes park, CO
October 28- November 13, 2011

“Lines into Shapes” is the name of the show and not the theme. (Most artwork starts with a few lines and develops into shapes.)


Open to all artists who work within the limits of the listed categories. Work must be original and executed within the past two years. Work must not have been previously exhibited in the "LINES into SHAPES" Exhibition.

Categories* of acceptable media are:

CATEGORY 2. Watermedia: watercolor, acrylic, gouache, or mixed watermedia.
CATEGORY 3. Pastels, Graphite, Scratchboard.
CATEGORY 4. Original printmaking. No digital or photomechanical processes.
CATEGORY 5. Sculpture, Wood, Fine art pottery, glass.
CATEGORY 6. Photography.
CATEGORY 7. Fiber.
CATEGORY 9. Jewelry.

*The categories appear as listed in the prospectus.


A non-refundable entry fee of $15.00 per entry with the limit of 4 entries.


Up to $5,000 will be awarded in 2011. Awards are determined by the number of entries and sponsorships.

• Artwork must be offered for sale. The Art Center will retain a 40% commission on all artwork sold.
• All entries must meet size and weight requirements.


2-dimensional art shall not exceed 120 inches in perimeter, not including the frame. This equals the sum of the length of all 4 sides.

Example: 24" x 36" = 120 inches.

3-dimensional art shall not exceed 60 pounds.

Wall pieces may not exceed 30 pounds and must include specific hanging instructions and hardware.


If the artist is accepted into the main show via the jury process, the artist will be eligible to send up to TWO miniature pieces, in addition to the juried entry(s).

There is NO entry fee or jurying of the miniatures, which should be shipped with your accepted work. Quality of these items should match that of your juried work. These smaller items have proven to be popular with show attendees and you are encouraged to participate in this opportunity.

Size limitations for miniatures are:

Two-dimensional work: The outside dimension of the frame is not to exceed 40 inches. This equals the sum of all 4 sides.
Example: up to 8” X 12” maximum frame size.
Three-dimensional work: The artwork, including base, should be able to fit into an 8” X 8” X 8” box.

Review and download the prospectus:

contact for more information:
Email: inquiry
Phone: Call the Art Center (970) 586-5882
Mail: 517 Big Thompson Avenue, Estes park, CO 80517