Monday, April 18, 2011

The Art of Textiles

Deadline: June 15, 2011 (EMAIL)

Publishing Opportunity
Call for Submissions
The Art of Textiles

Mary Schoeser, specialist author in textiles, is working on an exciting project commissioned by Thames & Hudson, London. Entitled The Art of Textiles, this is to be a major work comprising over 1,000 images and celebrating the breadth and depth of the field today.

Mary is keen to source stunning images of the work of creative individuals. Of equal interest are pieces that have been collected as outstanding inspirational examples, including ethnographic and historical materials, since one aspect of the text deals with the impact of the ‘eye of the beholder’. In particular, detailed images are sought in order to illustrate the complexity and extraordinary variety of manipulations, surface treatments, materials, and structures that textiles present. In addition, Mary is seeking personal statements elucidating why or how each piece is of personal significance.

Submissions for consideration may be in digital or slide/transparency format. Digital images must be supplied as TIFF files, RGB calibrated, on discs. Please supply a reference print for colour balance as well as the following details: name, image title, date, media and technique, photo credit, and permission to publish. If the item is ethnographic or historical please indicate its origins. Selected images will not attract a reproduction fee, but will be acknowledged. There will be a resource list in the end-matter; please indicate whether or not you would like a contact email address to be included under the contributors list.

This offer is available to members of the Textile Society Collectors Group only. If you are interested please submit to Submission should be posted to by June 15th.