Tuesday, March 01, 2011

2011 North Charleston Arts Festival

Deadline: April 15, 2011 by 5:00 pm (RECEIVE) or (HAND DELIVERY)

Call For Arts and Crafts Booth Vendors
2011 North Charleston Arts Festival

North Charleston, SC
April 29- May 7, 2011

Individual artists, crafters, fine craft artisans, art guilds, and fine craft guilds are invited to participate in the Arts and Crafts Booth Exhibition during the Main Event of the 2011 North Charleston Arts Festival. Vendors may offer original fine art or photography, prints, reproductions, or decorative handmade items.

• Applicant must be age 18 and up.
• Open to artists, crafters, fine craft artisans, art and fine craft guilds (see category descriptions).
• Booth size 10' X 10' with limited number of indoor and outdoor booth spaces available.
• Vendor must provide tables, table covers, chairs, display equipment & tent (optional if outdoors).
• Vendors are responsible for collecting/remitting appropriate state sales taxes and/or fees.
• Priority is given to those demonstrating art/ craft.
• Sponsor reserves the right to limit or select vendors to ensure a variety of items and prices.
• Items that are mass produced, made from kits, or imported for resale are not permitted.

Art: Original fine art or photography, framed or unframed prints, reproduced items from original work.
Crafts: Decorative handmade items for home, office, garden or personal use.
Fine Crafts: High quality items created by traditional techniques and fine craftsmanship.
Guild Members' Discount: Art Guild and Fine Craft Guild members are eligible to receive a group discount with four+ members participating.
Guild Display: Art Guilds and Fine Craft Guilds are eligible to receive a free booth/table/2 chairs to exhibit/demonstrate members’ works; distribute membership/service information. (No sales allowed, however, membership dues may be collected.)
Agent/Merchant: For-profit vendors selling original or handmade items, not their own work.

Download prospectus: www.northcharleston.org/af_artist_app_11.pdf

Visit website for complete details: www.northcharleston.org

Cultural Arts Dept. Offices
North Charleston City Hall
2500 City Hall Lane
North Charleston, SC 29406
Phone (843) 740-5854
E-mail: culturalarts@northcharleston.org