Monday, March 14, 2011

The 2011 Great Berry Quilt-Off

Deadline: May 15, 2011 (ONLINE)
2011 Great Berry Quilt-Off
McHenry County, IL
July 1- August 15, 2011
August 16- September 3, 2011
Grace Farm is sponsoring two six-week quilt exhibitions in honor of the Northern Illinois Quilt Fest: exhibits will run July 1-August 15 and August 16-September 30.   Quilters in Northern Illinois, not just McHenry County of all skill levels and ages are invited to participate.
  1. Up to two quilts per person
  2. Register online at
  3. A non-refundable entry fee of $15.00 (covers up to 2 quilts per person)
  4. Quilts must be no larger than 32” x 32”, with a four inch rod pocket securely attached to the back of the quilt.
  5. No later than May 15, 2011, upload a digital photograph (1 MB max per quilt) to Grace Farm Studios for jury into the exhibition.
We hope you will have fun creating a quilt confection using one of three quilt recipes:
(1) Luscious Berry: Yummmmm!   Go crazy with a sweetly embellished berry quilt.  Use whatever type of embellishment, embroidery, ribbon, buttons, fabrics, you name it!
(2) Organic Berry:   Go wild and natural with this quilt recipe, using only natural, organically dyed or overdyed fabrics and (batting and backing need not be organic).
(3) Granny’s Favorite Berry: Go nostalgic with this traditional pieced quilt recipe!  Showcase berry-themed commercial fabrics, berry-themed block designs, berry-themed redwork, you name it!
AWARDS: Berry Best in Show;  Most Luscious Berry Quilt, Most Organic Berry Quilt, Granny’s Berry Favorite Quilt; Outstanding Young Quilters K-6, Junior High, and High School; Quilt Most Likely to Make Visitors  Drool (visitors will vote, one award at end of each 6-week show), Berry Original Quilt, Berry Perfect Workmanship Quilt, Berry Most-in-Spirit of Competition Quilt,  Judge’s Choice awards per “recipe”.
Up to sixty quilts will be accepted for display in Grace Farm’s “quilted” dairy barn.  Due to limited space only thirty quilts can be securely and safely exhibited at one time, so we plan to rotate two sets of thirty quilts. All submissions will be juried into the exhibition at the same time, but accepted quilts will be assigned at our discretion for display in one of the two six-week shows.
Visit website for full details:
Ann Chaney
Grace Farm Studios
Woodstock, IL  60098