Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Deadline: June 1, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
Sisters, OR
July 10, 2010

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show™ is a non-juried show. We are always pleased to show new quilts and we welcome your entries.

Our show is open to anyone who has a quilt they are proud of and would like to display! The magic of our show is that quilters of all abilities can participate and share their work. We can display approximately 1,300 quilts and we accept about one-third of our entries for sale. Because of the limited number of ‘for sale’ entries each year, those entries fill up very fast. We have filled our sale entries as early as mid-March in some years.

An original registration form is required for each quilt you’d like to enter. This form serves as the show tag while the quilt is on display and it must be original and completed entirely. We accept registration forms until June 1 or when the show is full. After June 1 we are unable to accommodate changes to your registrations except to eliminate a quilt that is already registered. No substitutions are accepted after June 1.

A quilt is registered when your completed registration packet has been received and we have confirmed your accepted entries.
Requesting registration materials does not hold a place for your quilt(s). You will receive an email or postcard confirmation of your entries.

Entry Criteria & Requirements
Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of 10 quilts in the show. Up to five of those quilts may be for sale.

Definition of a Quilt for our Show:
A quilt is two layers of fabric with a filling that is stitched together with lines or a pattern. Quilting may be done by hand or machine. Tied quilts do not meet the definition of a quilt for this show.

“Raggy” quilts and quilts made from predominantly pre-printed panels are not accepted. We do not accept raffle quilts from other groups. Quilts do not need to have a sleeve for our show.

Quilts must be at least 36” x 36” and may not exceed 104” in width or length (note: some of the Special Exhibits have different size criteria). We cannot accept stuffed animals, tablecloths, pillow shams or other non-quilt items. Shapes other than squares and rectangles are discouraged and may not be displayed due to difficulty in hanging in our show.

Entry Fee:
A $5.00 entry fee is requested per person (not per quilt). Entry fee should be returned with your completed registration packet, not with the Order Form in this brochure.

An original registration form is required for each quilt. This form serves as the show tag and must be completed entirely.
Requesting a registration packet does not hold you a space in the show. The “Quilt Story” section of the registration form is for interesting information about your quilt. We will return forms that are not complete and we do not hold space for quilts with incomplete registration information. Registration deadline is June 1. Packets received after June 1 or after we have filled the show will not be accepted. You will receive an email or postcard confirmation of accepted entries. Confirmations are processed May 1 and again after the June 1 closing date.

Sale Quilts:
Each exhibitor is limited to five sale entries. We only accept one quilt of a given pattern for sale from each quilter. Photos of sale entries are required with completed registration packets. Photos can be of the finished top prior to quilting but please do not send photos of the quilt pattern in lieu of a photo of your quilt.

SOQS handles all sales and retains a 25% commission.

The Quilt Entry Flier contains complete details about the show and additional contests. Download: The 2010 Quilt Entry Flier


Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
311 W. Cascade St.
Sisters, OR 97759