Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4th Annual Square Foot Show

Deadline: April 15, 2010 (RECEIVE) for bios
receipt of works is April 29 & 30th

4th Annual Square Foot Show

The Galaxie
Chicago, IL
May 15, 2010

The Galaxie, Logan Square’s most exciting and innovative music, movement, and fine art community is hosting their 4th Annual Square Foot Show Saturday May 15, 2010

Participating artists will purchase a 12” x 12” canvas from Galaxie Chicago either directly from our location or online for $30.00 + shipping fees.

February 1, 2010-Canvases available for purchase and pick up.
April 1st , 2010 -All artists who have purchased a canvas will be included in the print material. Canvases may be purchased after this deadline without inclusion on the opening event postcard.
April 15th, 2010- Bios must be submitted in to
April 29th-30th, 2010 -Submissions must be turned in between 12-10 PM. Early submissions by appointment only. Late submissions are subject to exclusion from the event.

-The 12” x 12” canvas must be purchased from The Galaxie.
–All works must be the Square Foot Canvas, OR be an object measuring 12" by 12" exactly.

There will be a room dedicated to conceptual work; including ceramics, sculpture, photo, video, etc. hanging directly on the wall. If you plan to use an alternate 12 X 12 surface, or a self purchased/constructed canvas the $30 fee is still required to assist with show production expenses. You may use and submit multiple canvases keeping in mind that they may not be mounted together to produce one large canvas, but they may be hung together to produce one image.

If you are considering using alternative materials and application of the Square Foot theme, please consult a Galaxie representative to ensure that it fits with-in our guidelines. The Galaxie reserves the right to refuse any work submitted with-out a refund of the canvas purchase fee.

-The Galaxie will produce an exhibition guide including bio & contact information for collectors and curators to discover more about your artistic practice. Send your bio in a Mac friendly word document to:
-Artist determines the price. In the event of sale, artists receive 70% of the proceeds.
-The Galaxie will host an opening reception on May 15th, 2010 providing entertainment and refreshments.

ArtistGuidlines2010 [pdf]

SquareFootEntryForm [pdf]


Nicolle Wood, Director
Phone: 773-267-6010

About Galaxie: Galaxie Chicago was brought to life to create an environment that provides working artists, families and students of the arts an opportunity to inspire, and become inspired by varied forms of expression. Music, movement, fine art, health, and well-being are concerns of strong bodies and creative minds. All of these factors contribute to a well-rounded and versatile life. The Galaxie’s goal is to bring all of this to a central place, and invite all to participate.