Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art in the Loft 2012

Two Deadlines: (RECEIVE)

SummerView: April 6, 2012
WinterView: October 12, 2012

Art in the Loft 2012
Northeast Michigan Center for Fine Arts

Alpena, Michigan
SummerView: May 19, – October 6, 2012
WinterView: November 17 – March 9, 2013

Guidelines (truncated)
  • New applicants are selected by jury each season. Once an artist is accepted as an exhibiting artist, it is not necessary to be juried again unless more than 3 years have elapsed since the artist last exhibited at Art in the Loft or the artist wishes to exhibit in a new media.
  • New applicants (and those who seek to be re-juried) must submit five (5) photos of their work to the jury with their application.
  • All work must be available for sale and each artist must maintain work on display throughout the duration of the exhibit.
  • Exhibiting artists pay a 35% commission on sale of their artwork. Artists who wish to volunteer to staff the gallery are eligible for a reduced commission of 15%.

 Painting
 Glass
 Wood
 Fiber/Textile
 Sculpture
 Jewelry
 Drawing
 Photography
 Pottery
 Other

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Questions? Contact the Gallery Coordinator at 989-356-4877


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Art in the Loft
109 N. Second Avenue, Suite 300,
Alpena, Michigan 49707