Thursday, September 15, 2011

En avril 2012: Project Proposals

Deadline: November 11, 2011 (RECEIVE)

En Avril 2012

…fibre/textile art programmation
Montreal, Quebec

April is an opportunity for venues, creation and the artists associated with the fiber and/or textiles, to make themselves known to the general public by creating a creative synergy.

We are in the call for projects for 2012 in four categories: contemporary art, craft, design and heritage.

Your gallery presents an exhibition fiber in April? You want to open your studio to the public textile space of a weekend?

The case will be evaluated by the founding members of ... In April: Diagonal, MATERIA, House of Crafts Quebec, Textile Printing and Design Centre of Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Montreal, Concordia University, International Biennial of flax Portland Museum of Costume and Textile of Quebec.

Cost of participation (if selected): $ 100 per organization / $ 50 per artist. This amount goes directly to the visibility of events.

Download the prospectus:

Visit website for more details:

The records must include:
1. The completed Activity Sheet (you must submit one form per activity) A description of your project and its relationship with fiber and textiles (maximum 250 words);
2. Visual documentation: up to 10 digital images per artist on CD (readable on Mac) format JPEG, 72 dpi. Images must be clearly identified and accompanied by a list accurate description (title of the work, medium, size and date);
3. A brief CV for each participant (maximum 2 pages). All text documents must be sent in digital form (on CD - readable on Mac), and must be in Word (.doc) or PDF for text, JPEG (.Jpg) for images.

For more information:
info.enavril @

en avril
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