Monday, April 18, 2011

The Textile Society (UK): Professional Development Award

Deadline: 1st August 2011 (RECEIVE)

The Professional Development Award
The Textile Society

This award is intended for those professionally practising in their chosen textile field, whether craft, design, curatorial, scientific or any other related textile field.

There is no set criteria for what the award has to be for. Suggestions for this award can range from travel costs for a paper to be presented, or travel costs for further research to be undertaken of an item within a collection. Funding for a stand at a craft show, machinery or goods for a practising designer, or funding for a scientific or development idea of a textile product that is struggling to be realised etc.

Its intention is to aid further development for professional practising textile people. The Award is for a monetary bursary of £1000 and is NOT intended for BA and MA students. It is aimed at PhD students and professionals working within a recognised textile field. Applications are assessed annually, and the award is given on the strength of the applicant meeting the professional criteria within their set textile field; there is only one award for all fields.

A working liason with the The Textile Society is encouraged and as such the Textile Society should be appropriately acknowledged and provided with a brief report which may be published in TEXT (The Textile Society Journal) and/or, if approriate, a study day held at a winning institution.

Applications should be written on no more than 4 sides of A4 and contain no more than 6 visuals. The information together with application form should be sent by email in PDF format or posted to the addresses below.

In order to qualify the applicant must be an individual member of The Textile Society or working within an institution that is a member.

Download: Professional Development Award Application Form (PDF document)

Visit website for more details regarding membership:

The Textile Society
PO Box 1012
St Albans AL1 9NE