Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Studio 550: New Artist in Residence Program

Deadline: April 22, 2011 (POSTMARK)

Artist in Residence Program
Studio 550
Manchester, New Hampshire
Fall 2011

New Artist in Residence program open to ceramists and other visual artists beginning Fall 2011.

Studio 550 is part of a downtown mixed use development my family and I
are creating in a classic 1890 mill building in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire. In addition to the art center, the building will also house residential apartments upstairs and an internet cafe-bistro downstairs.  As such, resident artists have the option of living upstairs in freshly built downtown apartments, while working in private studios downstairs.

The Studio 550 Art Center will be complete with an artist residency
program, a gallery and store, a ceramics classroom (with gas and
electric kilns and a glaze mixing room (sorry, no atmospheric kilns
yet!), and a mixed use classroom for (non-dusty) visual and movement
arts (book making, basketry, bead working, fibers, aikido, dance, and
yoga/tai chi, etc.).

Until we get the website up, interested individuals may contact me via phone or email.

Studio 550 Application

Monica Leap
Phone: 603.759.0466

2010 Master of City and Regional Planning
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
2007 BFA Ceramic Arts, Syracuse University

via: Julia Wilson