Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Arts Center: “Quilt County” Math Exhibit

Deadline: April 19, 2011 (RECEIVE)

“Quilt County” Math Exhibit
The Arts Center
Corvallis, OR
September 3 – 25, 2011

The Arts Center is seeking artwork for the Quilt County 2011 exhibition from September 3 – 25, 2011. As we have done in the past we seek art that is not necessarily a quilt, but artwork that deals with the same premise as quilting does: many small parts making one larger whole.

This year we are taking it a step further: we are looking for artwork that was created with mathematics recognizable as a guiding principle, since so many quilts have mathematical elements in their design. We hope to introduce math in a playful and artful manner. We plan to have the connection between art and science visible, so that art is experienced as a research method, just as math is a research method.

We are open to all media, and computer art generated directly from code will be included. We will be looking for tessellation, geometrics, sequences, and so forth. We are looking for both two and three dimensional art.

Artists as well mathematicians are encouraged to submit for the exhibit, but due to our particular expertise and The Arts Center’s mission, the selection will be based more on aesthetics, than on mathematical content.

Method of Entry - Quilt County Math exhibit (Word document)
Method of Entry - Quilt County Math exhibit (PDF document)

Visit website for complete details:

The Arts Center
700 SW Madison
Corvallis OR 97333