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Feast of wool and Textile Art Exhibition
(Fête de la Laine Exposition d'Art Textile)

Deadline: October 15, 2008 (RECEIVE)

Feast of wool and Textile Art Exhibition

Toison d'Art
Maison des Artistes
February 7 & 8, 2009

For the 4th consecutive year, the association Toison d'Art is organizing an exhibition of Textile Art in part of the Feast of Laine, flagship event of the association. The exhibition is being staged by a set designer and attracted a large audience that has greatly appreciated the selection of works and overview.

We want to present all facets of textile art to show the public the variety and the richness of this art.

1. Who can participate? The exhibition is open to artists and craftsmen creators, who work in art textile, textile designers… The association wishes to continue to expose everyone, professionals and "Amateurs". The exhibitors will be selected based on the quality of their works.

2. The works: 70 works up will be selected, textiles or wall sculptures textiles
contemporaries. There are no restrictions for the dimensions, materials and techniques used.

Priority will be given the artistic quality of works, the quality of achievement, originality and materials used. Each artist may submit 1 or 2 works maximum. The artists who exhibit works very small (less than 0.16 square metres) may submit up to 4.

System hardware: Each work must be equipped with a system for attaching simple and reliable. The works by volume shall be able to hold themselves or be set on base.

3. The jury will be composed of
• Claire LYET, Simone MOSSÉ and Mireille VALLET - artists textiles
• Catherine MORTAR - muséographe
• Brigitte Kohl - Photographer
• Jean-Pierre TREILLE - designer
• members of the association Toison d'Art

4. The participants will be informed of the jury's decision by mail or by mail. The Board's decisions not will not contestable. The jury reserves the right not to hang a work does not correspond the documents received.

5. The dossier will be composed - for each work proposed:
• 1 inscription form completed and signed
• 2 photos (13 x 18 cm) of very good quality of each work.
• And 3 digital photos, an overview and two significant details of each work,
recorded on a C.D. in JPEG format, 300 Dpi resolution 1500 pixels minimum in the most large-scale projects. Please save the image as follows: your name, title of the work (for example, Dupont - TitreDelOeuvre). Please also indicate these elements on the CD Quality photos: Photos should be of good quality, on a neutral background. Please treat also framing. With these elements that Jury will make its selection.
• A short CV and a brief comment on your work and your journey. They can also be recorded on C.D.

6. Charges participations: 25 € for a work and 40 € for 2 works. The cheque will be payable to Toison d'Art. It will be returned if the application is not accepted. The cheque will be cashed in time of the event and will not be refunded in case of withdrawal after the acceptance of your candidature. Foreigners whose case has been accepted will receive a RIB of the association and will make a transfer directly to the account of the association.

7. The shipping and return of works are borne by the participants. Foreigners whose dossier has been accepted will receive a RIB of the association and for the return of their work, will be a transfer the amount of return, directly to the account of the association.

8. Sale of works: Artists may, if they wish to offer their works for sale.
A space sale will be installed alongside the exhibition itself. Exhibitors may sell
maps, reproductions and some small works.

The exhibitors present deal of space sale alternately. Those responsible for the association reserve the right to remove objects that do not fit the context of this space.

The association will charge 20% on all sales, and provide an invoice for works sold

9. Withdrawal of works sold: The works can not be removed before the end of the exhibition -- Sunday evening 19 h. Exceptionally, a waiver may be granted by officials exposure.

10. Catalogue: If the applications are accepted, a catalogue includes works by artist 1 will be printed. The images used for the catalogue will be those provided on the CD. The artist agrees that these images are published and they can also appear on a CD including overviews of exposure. It also accepts that the reproduction of his work is made available to the press.

The catalogue will be sold by the association at the exhibition. 1 catalogue will be available to the artist with the back of his work.

11. Insurance: The works are insured for the duration of exposure, and their arrival until their departure in organizers, for works sent by mail.

Visit the website for complete details: http://www.latoisondart.net/fetelaine-expo-artextile2008.htm

Rules: http://www.latoisondart.net/telecharger/2009-Reglement.pdf

Entry form: http://www.latoisondart.net/telecharger/2009-Inscription.pdf

Pour l'exposition d'Art Textile de la Fête de la laine - Salle Coloriage - Crest :

Mireille Vallet
Les Mattes
26400 GRANE
Tel : 04 75 62 66 71
Contact Mail pour l'exposition d'art textile : latoisondart@latoisondart.net

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