Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Art of Personal Adornment

Deadline: August 15, 2008 (POSTMARK)

The Art of Personal Adornment

Dahl Art Center
Rapid City SD
January 16 - March 29, 2009

The Dahl Arts Center is looking for artists for an inaugural exhibition in the newly expanded Dahl galleries. Artists are required to submit four (high-quality digital) images representative of work. All work must be original, made by the artist, and completed within the last two years. Submitted works are open to a full range of processes and materials. Categories include but are not limited to: beadwork, metalsmithing, lapidary, natural materials, non-traditional materials and glasswork.

Invitations to participate in the exhibit will be based on creativity, innovation, quality,consistency and craftsmanship of the work as shown by the images submitted. Each invited artist will be asked to send no more than 3 pieces for the exhibition.

This exhibit is designed to explore the breadth and depth of personal adornment through objects created by artists in South Dakota and its surrounding area. The exhibit will be one of a trio of shows celebrating the grand opening of the newly expanded Dahl Arts Center in January 2009.

All artists living and working in states within a 500 mile radius of Rapid City, South Dakota. Artists in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota,Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Kansas or Wyoming are eligible. All work must be original, made by the artist,and completed within the last two years. In accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, Native artists may be required to provide proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe.

$25 entry fee

$1000 in cash awards will be presented.

Sales to the public are encouraged. Works will be for sale at the price indicated by the artist on the loan form. Works will not be removed until the end of the exhibition. The Dahl Arts Center will retain 33% commission. Prices listed on the loan form must reflect this commission. Work not available for sale must be marked NFS with value for insurance purposes clearly stated.

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Mary Maxon, Curator
Dahl Arts Center
713 Seventh St
Rapid City SD 57701