Sunday, August 12, 2007

LOVE ARMOR Knitting Project

Deadline: Not Specified


Military and innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan experience death, maiming, and unspeakable trauma every day. Hearts ache for the men, women, and children in these war zones. Feeling repulsed, helpless, and desperate to express compassion, I propose the project Love Armor.

My vision is to take an icon of this war, the Humvee, and swaddle it in comfort and quiet. The Love Armor, aka: Humvee Cozy, is a knitted coverlet for a full size military Humvee. Knitting takes time, concentration, and may be considered a meditation. Today we sit down and knit meditatively thinking about the trauma occurring in the Middle East.

This life-size “cozy” will fit over a Humvee M1026. A standard military Humvee measures 15’ x 7’ x 6’. Knitted of white cotton twine and form fitted to the Humvee, this “cozy” may be installed hugging a Humvee or floating on its own.

Knitters and artists across the country will execute Shirley Klinghoffer’s concept of the Love Armor in collaboration with Sarah Hewitt. Shirley Klinghoffer is a very accomplished artist working in various mediums, Though this project is a departure from each of our styles and methods of working, we feel passionately about making this statement regarding the current situation in the Middle East.

For more information about the Love Armor project please contact Shirley Klinghoffer at or Sarah Hewitt at

Look for our new website,, in the upcoming weeks.

Please consider gathering up your knitting needles and sitting with us in spirit as we work on the LOVE ARMOR. Spread the word to all fellow knitters–all volunteers are welcome and will be recognized.