Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Water Street Studios Call for Artists and Curators


Call for Artists and Curators
Water Street Studios

Kane County Chronicle Gallery
Batavia, IL

Water Street Studios is soliciting artists and curators who are interested in having a solo/private group show in our Kane County Chronicle Gallery. All forms of art are acceptable: (i.e. paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, fiber).


All curators are eligible. All forms of media may be considered. Water Street Studios is open to displaying a variety of media and subject matter, but the artwork must be appropriate for the viewing of all audiences and age groups. Artwork considered offensive or disturbing to the general public (i.e. explicitly violent or sexual)
may not be selected for display.

Create a Theme!
Come up with a creative and overall theme that unites the artworks with the title and statement of your exhibition.

Select the Artworks

Choose from a variety of different mediums and styles to handpick select works that fit within your overall theme and statement. It is your responsibility to communicate with these artists about dropping off/picking up their works, as well as titles, mediums, dimensions, and dates.

Write a Statement
With your theme and artworks in mind, create a curatorial statement that speaks of the main idea of your exhibition. Give us and your viewers something to read to inform us about your exhibition and make us curious and excited to see the works you have selected.

Rolling Submission
Dates for your exhibition with be provided upon request and availability. Shows can last anywhere from three to six weeks depending on numbers of curatorial submissions, exhibitions that are already booked, and scale of artworks in the show. A list of dates will be posted and updated frequently on Water Street Studios
website. Selected submissions will be held until there are dates that coordinate with your schedule.

1. Application Form
2. Curatorial Statement
3. Marketing Plan
4. Images of Artworks
5. List of Artist Information

Download Application:

Visit website for more information:

Water Street Studios
160 S. Water St.
Batavia, IL 60510