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HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP)

Deadline: February 3, 2015 {ONLINE}

HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP)
New York, NY

Residencies Begin: April 1, 2015

HARP is designed to support collaboration across disparate art forms by nurturing hybrid artists in the development of dynamic live performances. HARP provides significant long-term artistic, financial, and administrative support, tailored to each artist's individual needs.


HARP is designed to assist mid-career individual artists or collaborative teams (writers, performers, composers, directors, designers, dramaturgs, puppeteers, dancers, singers) working in a hybrid manner in live performance.

We define a mid-career artist as one who has:

(1) completed their education within the last 8-15 years

(2) had at least a few significant residency or commissioning opportunities,

(3) created a body of work over at least 5 years and at least one full evening-length work, and

(4) earns some income from their art practice.

Artists must also meet the following criteria:

*The artist or team are residents of the NY metro area
*The artist or team find themselves at a crossroads in their career in developing a distinctive form/style/content of work, or is interested in stretching the previously accepted boundaries of their work by experimentation with form/style/content
*The artist or team is interested in actively participating both in the community of HERE and in a peer-based program aimed at exchanging resources, ideas, critique, and support.
*The artist or team should be linked to a specific project that is early in its development process and has secured any rights needed to work with any pre-existing material for the project.

Additionally, HARP believes that diversity is extremely important within the makeup of the residency program. HARP actively seeks this diversity both from the work itself in terms of genre and content, and in the background of the artists.

The selection panel includes HERE leadership, artists, and performing arts curators from NYC.

Funding Resources:
In addition to the extensive range of community, development, and production resources, HERE offers each resident artist a developmental commission, seed funds and workshop fees in order to develop their project. The developmental commission, paid out in monthly installments, ranges up to $5400 for a three year residency.

HERE also provides each artist with an annual seed fund of $1000 and with a fee of $1250-$2000 for a workshop in our annual CULTUREMART festival. All of these funds may be used as each artist deems fit for their individual project. In addition, there are fees for creators and their collaborators in the budget for the final production. The budget is developed jointly by HERE and the artist and HERE allocates at least $20,000 towards the final production in addition to partnering with the artist to raise project-specific funding.

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HERE 145 Sixth Ave.
NY, NY 10013
admin office: 212.647.0202