Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Suspended in Green

Deadline: August 21, 2013 (EMAIL)

Suspended in Green

Studio Gabi Green
Munich, Germany
13.Mar.2014 - 17.Mar.2014

You are invited to participate in ‘Suspended in Green’. Now in its third and final year, the ‘Suspended’ exhibitions seek to explore the world of jewelry as it is NOW. This is a call out for jewelry that explores GREEN, in all its facets.

Green: it's just a color, yet it can also stand for so much more. It’s the color of money, of envy and of inexperience. It can stand for ethical products, the environment, symbolize fertility and nature. We talk about green shamrocks for luck, the green eyed monster, and green fingers. You can give someone the green light, be a greenhorn or be part of the green revolution.

‘Suspended in Green’ seeks out jewelry which explores these themes and ideas, through precious and non-precious materials. The result will be a juxtaposition of jewelers, themes and styles, all suspended from the gallery’s ceiling, which will invite the viewer to engage and interact with the work.

This year we are adding an additional element to the suspended show. Each selected artist will show one Gallery/Museum piece, which can be sold for any price -
as well as a series (of between 3 and 10) ‘Shop’ pieces, which must have a retail price of €40 each. These ‘Shop’ pieces MUST be directly related to the Gallery/Museum piece submitted.

Jury: David Clarke, Mah Rana

Submission Deadline: Submissions for initial selection must be received by August 21, 2013 electronically to

Entry criteria:
  • Free choice of media/materials/size.
  • Any materials or scale accepted.
  • Work created in the past 1 year.
  • Only previously un-exhibited pieces can be submitted.
  • Must be able to be suspended (hung from a wire from the ceiling).

Application Requirements: (truncated)
  • Current resumé (CV), exhibitions, publication information.
  • Artist statement relating to the work submitted (250 words max.)
  • Up to 3 different gallery pieces can be submitted for consideration.
  • A example of your intended shop piece is also required.
Submission fee: €25 via paypal. Applications will not be accepted without payment. Upon acceptance: For selected artists an additional participation fee of €30 is required upon acceptance. The artist is responsible for the cost of initial delivery and the cost of the return of work. Sale Agreement: Please include a retail price in Euros, if your work is for sale. If sold a 50% sales commission will be deducted from the total price. Payments will be sent at the end of the show by paypal or bank transfer. Complete call details available here:


V&V, Vienna, Austria. February 2014.

Studio Gabi Green, Munich, Germany. (As part of Schmuck 2014 13th - 17th March 2014.)

Exhibitors will be notified as further venues are added.


Laura Bradshaw-Heap, Curator

All inquiries and contact:

Artist Call Out: Suspended in Green
Studio Gabi Green
GollierstraBe 17
80339 - Munich
Telephone: 0049/(0)89/54030254