Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Exhibit Proposals


Exhibit Proposals
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Golden, CO

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and educate the public about quilts; honor quiltmaking traditions; and embrace the evolution of the art and craft of quilting.

RMQM is happy to have the opportunity to consider exhibit proposals.

Exhibit proposals submitted to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum should include the following information: (truncated)

Cover letter
Contact information
Title of exhibit

Description of the exhibit Is it original? Is this a solo exhibition, or is it multi-artist show? If the show was juried give the bio of the juror and their contact information. What would compel our visitors to want to view the exhibition?

Availability of exhibit Please indicate when the exhibition is currently booked.

Installation of exhibit How many pieces are included in the exhibit How many linear running feet does the exhibit require? How is the exhibit mounted? Are you available to help with the installation of the exhibit?

Cost, if any for the exhibition

Artist statement If a group, please include information about the group and participating artists. Please tell us why you (and your group) create your art and what it means to you. What does your artwork convey to viewers?

Download Exhibition Proposal Guidelines:

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Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
1213 Washington Avenue
Golden, Colorado
Phone: 303-277-0377