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Manifest Artist Residency Award

Deadline: April 9, 2013 (ONLINE), (EMAIL) or (RECEIVE)

Manifest Artist Residency Award
Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center

Cincinnati, OH
2013/2014 Residency

Artists are invited to submit complete applications to Manifest's Manifest Artist Residency program (MAR). Applications will be reviewed on a competitive basis.

The program is open for application by any serious emerging or established artist, including recent graduates from college art programs. It will benefit Manifest's community by providing exposure to the often unseen working space and practices of artists, serving to eliminate some boundaries to contemporary art making which currently may divide the everyday public from the fine visual arts.

The ideal candidate for the award of the program may be working in any media or genre, but would also make reasonable use of the available life-drawing sessions even if this is ancillary activity to their primary work. Suitability for teaching will be considered, but will not be a primary factor in the selection process.

One artist will be selected as the recipient of the MAR award which consists of the following:
  • Free 24/7 use of a private studio consisting of approximately five hundred square feet of studio and display space (two north-lit rooms and a hallway) for a period of one year (including nominal utilities).
  • Free Drawing League Membership at Manifest Drawing Center which provides access to approximately 250 hours of life drawing sessions through weekly Open Figure and quarterly Drawing Marathon offerings.
  • The artist will be given the consideration for teaching courses in our studio program, for pay, during the course of the residency. This will be contingent upon suitability and qualifications, as well as course enrollment, and will be determined by the Director of the Drawing Center.
  • Regular public exposure of artwork and studio during Manifest exhibit receptions to over 1500 members of the public.
  • The opportunity to submit to any and all of Manifest’s calls for entry for which the artist is eligible, including solo show proposals, with the entry fees waived for all submissions. Works submitted by the Resident Artist will still be juried through the blind jury process used for all Manifest projects.

The resident artist will be selected by a committee comprised of internal staff, board members, and academic/professional advisors.

Media/Genre: Open to artists working in any traditional and non-traditional genre and media.

Submission Fee: Each application must be accompanied by a $30 non-refundable submission fee.

Online Prospectus:

Online Application Form:

Questions can be emailed to Jason Franz about the Manifest

Manifest Creative Research Gallery
2727 Woodburn Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206