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SDA Small Event Grants 2012

Deadline: December 1, 2012 (EMAIL)

Small Event Grants 2012
Surface Design Association

Sebastopol, CA

The purpose of the Small Event Grant is to support program-related expenses for local and regional SDA member activities. Funds may be used for curated, group, and juried exhibitions of SDA members’ works, and for SDA-sponsored lectures, workshops, and local or regional meetings. Only exhibition support requires that all participants be members.

Other events such as lectures, meetings and workshops do not have this requirement. Cosponsored exhibitions are described below. The Grant is awarded in amounts up to $500 on four occasions during the year.

Only SDA members may apply for a Small Events Grant. SDA Board members and staff may not apply while in office or employed by the organization. Unless the Grantee is an Area Representative, other Grantees, or those to whom grants have been awarded, may not re-apply for a grant in two consecutive calendar years.

The Small Event Grant does not fund projects in process or completed, and does not reimburse money already spent on a project. Funds are not available for refreshments and entertainment.

Small Event Grant funds must be returned if the event is canceled or a portion of the grant money is not spent.

• All SDA members in the local area should be informed of the event.
• Exhibitions must be open to the public.
• Attendance at lectures or workshops may not require SDA membership. However non-members should pay a higher fee than SDA members, who may pay reduced or no fees.
• SDA membership materials must be prominently displayed and available to the viewing public.

Guidelines Specific to Exhibitions
Coordinating an exhibition with another organization is permitted; however, at least one of the exhibition planners must be an SDA member. Participants must be members of one of the two sponsoring organizations.

Application Deadlines
• Submit proposals by: March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1
• For approval by: March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31

Submit an electronic copy of the grant proposal to the Grants & Awards Administrator and to the SDA Area Representative.

Detailed information available on website:

Contact Information:
Grants & Awards Administrator,

Surface Design Association
P.O. Box 360
Sebastopol, CA
707-829-3285  fax