Monday, June 11, 2012

10th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles

Deadline: June 30, 2012 (RECEIVE) or (EMAIL)

10th International Triennial of Mini-Textiles
Direction et Conservation des musées d’Angers

Angers - France
December 2012 – May 2013

I - Definition
Article 1 - The participation of each artist is limited to only one work, consisting of only one part, made from thread or from the idea of thread
Article 2 - The theme adopted for this X triennial is: “Too web or not to web” / “Trop de toile ou pas”
Article 3 - Maximum size of works, including frame, is 12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm (surface or volume).
Article 4 - After examination by a panel of experts, artists will be informed by mail of the success or failure of their entry to the triennial.

II – Conditions of participation
Article 5 - The artist should present only one recent work (less than one year).
Article 6 - This work will be judged from two photos on a numerical support (definition 10 x 15cm., 300 dpi, format JPEG) (or two slides (24 x 36 mm)) representing two different views of the original work. These will not be returned to the artist. Original work should not be sent in place of the picture.
Article 7 - In the event of selection by the jury, the museum is authorised to remake negatives if the picture are not of satisfactory quality for printing.
Article 8 - The artist should write his name, the dimensions and meaning of his work on the picture, specifying "top" and "bottom".
Article 9 - The attached registration form and Transfer of all rights of reproduction and communication, duly completed, should be sent with the picture.
Article 10 - It is imperative that the complete file (form and picture), is sent before the final deadline of 30 june 2012 to:

Complete Rules: (English Version)

Additional Forms and Documents:

Direction et Conservation des musées d’Angers
Xe Triennale Internationale des mini-textiles
14 rue du musée- 49100 ANGERS - FRANCE
tél. : – fax :
e-mail :
Incomplete files or files received after this date will not be considered.