Thursday, January 03, 2008

Asian Cultural Council Grants

Deadline: January 15, 2008

Project Grants
Asian Cultural Council

Asian individuals in the visual and performing arts seeking grant assistance to conduct research, study, receive specialized training, undertake observation tours, or pursue creative activity in the United States are eligible to apply for fellowship support from the Council. Americans seeking aid to undertake activities in Asia are also eligible to apply.

The Council is unable to consider proposals for the following:

  • personal exhibitions
  • individual performance tours
  • undergraduate study
  • activities conducted by individuals in their home countries

Project Grants
Arts organizations and educational and cultural institutions are eligible to apply to the Council for support for projects of exceptional importance involving cultural exchange between Asia and the United States or regional exchange in Asia. Because the Council's program resources are concentrated on fellowship awards to individuals, ACC grants for projects are usually modest in size.

The Council is unable to consider proposals for the following:

  • publications
  • film and video production
  • capital campaigns
  • general program and administrative costs
Application Procedures
Individuals and institutions wishing to inquire about the possibility of grant support should send a brief description of the activity for which assistance is being sought to the Council. If the proposed activity falls within the ACC's guidelines, application materials requesting more detailed information will be provided by the ACC, and applicants will be informed as to when their proposals can be presented to the trustees of the Council for formal review. The deadline for receipt of completed applications is January 15th for proposals to be considered at the annual June meeting of the ACC's trustees. In addition, a small number of requests in specific program areas may also be considered at a Fall meeting, for which the application deadline is August 1st.

A publicly supported operating foundation, the Asian Cultural Council was established in 1980 to supersede the Asian Cultural Program of The JDR 3rd Fund, which was created by John D. Rockefeller 3rd in 1963. Over the past 44 years, the Council and The JDR 3rd Fund before it have provided grant assistance to more than 4,500 Asians and Americans in the arts. Funding for the Council's programs is derived from a combination of endowment income and contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations in the United States and Asia.