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Miniprint Finland 2014

Deadline: September 15, 2013 (EMAIL)

Miniprint Finland 2014

Organized by Graphic Artist Association of Lahti
and Hyvinkää Art Museum
Lahti, Finland
28.3.2014 – 18.5.2014

Open call for 8th graphic arts exhibition and competition

The first Miniprint Finland exhibition was organized in 1992 by Association of Graphic Artists of Lahti. This time it will be organized for the eighth time in cooperation with Hyvinkää Art Museum 28.3.2014 – 18.5.2014. The exhibition is juried.

The exhibition is open to all artists. This year there will be two separate categories:
• The common category consists of the traditional printing techniques, including monoprint methods and digitally printed works.
• The second category is the Ex libris category.

Theme (Common category)

The theme is “Infinity - ∞”, it refers to something unbounded, without any limit. It has different meaning in fields science like mathematics, philosophy or theology. It can be interpreted in conceptual ways.

Ex libris (bookplates) category

The Latin words ex libris freely translated means: My book / a book from my shelf / Belongs to my library. There is no specific theme in ex libris category. The themes on the bookplates very often describe things that are important in the life of the owner of the book, i.e. profession, hobbies, neighbourhood, family, values etc.
More information on ex libris:

Works: Send no more than 3 artworks.

Size limits: Original artwork’s size should not exceed 20 × 17 × 5 cm. If the work is attached to a background cardboard, it should be exactly 35 × 30 cm in size.


Jurying will take place in two stages. Electronically sent images (Stage 1) will be Juried and the chosen artists will be informed and asked to send their original artworks for the final selection (Stage 2).

Participation for the first stage is free. Registration fee, for artists selected to Stage 2, is 40 €. This covers the handling costs of the parcels.


Grand Prix 2000 €
1 – 3 Honourable prizes 1 000 € each
1 – 3 Honourable mentions by the Jury
Popular prize 500 € – “Spectators’ favourite”
voted by the visitors of the exhibition

First Jurying Stage 1

Please send the completed form as a .pdf or .doc file along with the images of your work (max 3) before 15th September 2013 to: miniprintfinland2014(at)


Participation form - PDF

Participation form - DOC

Rules and Conditions of Entry - PDF

Visit website for full details:

Further information:

Ms. Eija Piironen, Coordinator of Miniprint Finland 2014
e-mail: miniprintfinland(at)
Tel: +358 – ( 0 ) 44 55 011 44