Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MQS®2013 Quilt Show

Deadline: March 15, 2013 (ONLINE) or (RECEIVE)

Machine Quilters Showcase

Century II Convention Center
Wichita, Kansas
May 15-18, 2013

Theme: “DreamCatcher”

MQS®2013 Quilt Show Categories and Rules (truncated)

•MQS® has opened up several categories to any machine, longarm, mid or shortarm or domestic with or without a track system. These have not changed and include: Traditional Custom, Art, Pictorial, Wall, Fabric Challenge, Just For Me Bed Quilt AND Just For Me Small Quilt.

•Each entrant is limited to a maximum of three quilt entries, with one quilt per category entered. These limitations do not include the challenge competitions. This means that if you chose, you may enter a total of three quilted entries plus one in the thread challenge and one in the fabric challenge for a total of five entries per person.

•MQS® has decided to continue separate categories for art and pictorial quilts in 2013. Consider 3-dimensional entries for the Art category.

•Changes in the size restrictions and embellishment allowances have been made to the Art and Wall quilt categories. Also there is a change in the miniature category.

•In 2013 the Overall category will be open only to hand guided machines with a track system. All computer guided overall entries should be in the computer-guided category.

Categories: (Overview only--details on website)

Theme: “DreamCatcher”. Given the origin of DreamCatchers, show us your quilt creation of a dream that got through, or one that was caught, describing how the quilt came to be.

Traditional Custom – open to all types of machines

Innovative Custom

Whole Cloth Innovative

Whole Cloth Traditional

Pictorial – open to all types of machines

Art – open to all types of machines

Wall – open to all types of machines

Overall Design

Bread and Butter

Tools of the Trade

Computer Guided



SINGLE AWARDS: 2013 Quilt Show Categories

Best of ShowSolitaire—one person performing all piecing, appliqué, quilting, digitizing, etc. on the entry. To be selected from: Theme, Traditional Custom, Innovative Custom, Whole Cloth Traditional, or Whole Cloth Innovative Categories.

Collaborative Quilt—new for 2013! This award will go to 2 or more quilters working on a single quilt: as the designer, piecer, digitizer or quilter with no money changing hands for their part in the process. To be selected from: Theme, Traditional Custom, Innovative Custom, or Tools of the Trade. Two ribbons will be awarded.

Rookie of the Year—for quilters who have been quilting on a longarm, midarm, or shortarm quilting machine for one year or less.

Viewer’s Choice—determined by votes of attendees.

CHALLENGES (full details for each challenge on website)

Thread Challenge – “Catching Dreams” Sponsored by American & Efird

Fabric Challenge – open to all types of machines Sponsored by Fabri-Quilt

DIVISIONS (complete rules & details for each division on website)

Just For Me Quilter Division: All types of machines may be used for this category.

MQS® has developed a division of the show intended to meet the needs of those of you who are not in the business of machine quilting but do quilt on a machine for yourself and your family using any type of machine. This category may appeal to those quilters who enjoy expressing their creative side just for themselves.

Junior Quilter Division

We at MQS® are very pleased and excited to receive the junior entries each year. We will continue to offer two groupings of the junior quilters--hand guided and computer guided.

Quilt entries processed online will receive an immediate confirmation and payment will be processed by secure online service.
Fees for online entries will be $10 for IMQA members and $15 for non-members.

For paper copy entries the fees will be $12 for IMQA members and $17 for non-members.

Printable Entry Form: (As of this posting, printed entry forms are not yet available on site.)

Special Events Flyer: (Provides an overview of all events) http://www.mqsshow.org/Special_Events_and_Quilt_Info.pdf

Full details on website: http://www.mqsshow.org/quiltshow/

MQS® Corporate Office
PO Box 419
Higginsville, MO 64037