Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Call for Exhibition Proposals: Mulvane Art Museum

Deadline: (ONGOING)

Call for Exhibition Proposals
Mulvane Art Museum

Washburn University
Topeka, Kansas

About Mulvane Art Museum

At the Mulvane Art Museum, we believe that art matters. And more than that, we believe that art can change people's lives. It can change your life.

Here, you do more than gaze at art on the wall. You explore the story behind a piece. You move through and marvel at larger-than-life installations. You connect with others. You can create art of your very own.

The Mulvane is for everyone - art lovers, kids, adults, teens, students, families. Art means different things to different people, but art always means something.

Exhibition Proposals

If you have a proposal for an exhibition, submit this Exhibition Proposal Form: Exhibit_Proposal_Form.doc

All proposals are reviewed by an exhibition committee. It takes several months for the committee to meet, review the materials and make a recommendation. Exhibitions are scheduled at least one year or more in advance.

Gallery Floor Plans: www.washburn.edu/Floor.pdf

Visit website for additional information: http://www.washburn.edu/about/community/mulvane-art-museum/exhibitions/index.html

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