Sunday, November 04, 2012

Artist in Residence, Budapest 2013

Multiple Deadlines: (ONLINE)

January 28, 2013
April 5, 2013
August 11, 2013

A.I.R./International Artist Residencies, Budapest 2013

Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc.
Budapest, Hungary
Session 1: May 15, 2013 - June 7, 2013
Session 2: June 12, 2013 - July 5, 2013
Session 3: July 10, 2013 - August 2, 2013
Session 4: August 6, 2013 - August 30, 2013
Session 5: December 26 - January 11, 2013

The residency is an opportunity for artists, designers, theorists, writers and curators to undertake a period of focused work at the HMC.

An important part of the creative process is taking time for renewal. Whether you are ready to explore a life-long passion, looking for inspiration or eager to take on a new challenge, HMC has a program designed to help you develop your creativity while experiencing another culture.

Each residency includes accommodation, working area, and access to all resources including workshops, library, etc. In selected instances, the residency may also include some basic materials stipend.

The Artist in Residence Program is open to all artists who wish to work independently on their own projects. Artists may use the residency to accomplish a specific project or to work in a creative and supportive atmosphere alongside other international artists.

Resident artists are able to exchange ideas and experiences through presentations and informal discussion.

Meals are the responsibility of the artists, either individually or communally.

Applications accepted on basis of availability and quality of work.

While HMC does not provide funding for residencies, we are helping to facilitate the creation of program, the cost of the exhibitions and cover %40 of total cost, artists cover %60. We encourage the applicants to apply for a grant or scholarship.

Please apply for funding in your home country for financial assistance to participate in our programs.

Full details including online application available on website: