Sunday, May 27, 2012


Deadline: November 1, 2012 (RECEIVE)

Call for Proposals

Montreal, Quebec
2013 − 2014 Regular Programming

Diagonale invites curators and artists to submit their proposals for the 2013-2014 programming.

Diagonale regroups artists from Quebec and Canada. It has for main mission to promote and broadcast the works of artists in the visual and media fields whom make use of techniques related the fiber arts domain. The Center establishes a dialogue with artists of all disciplines to favor the mixing of ideas.

The artists or projects will be selected by a jury composed of members and guests. Diagonale encourages the realization of innovative activities which broaden the notion of the fibre concept.

The proposal must include:

Subject line of your email: Programmation 2013-2014
Curriculum vitae
Artist statement
10 to 15 images (72 dpi) and a descriptive list of the works presented
Project proposal
Press file, if pertinent

Gallery layout available on website.

Artists interested must submit their proposals by email at:

Visit website:

5455, rue de Gaspé, espace 203
Montréal, (QC)
H2T 3B3
Téléphone: (514) 524-6645

About (truncated)

Diagonale is a unique in Canada: it defends and broadcasts contemporary artistic practices using fibers as a subject matter or material. The Center was born from a Council once focused exclusively on fiber arts but has progressively opened itself to include a wider array of practices. Diagonale supports the realization of innovative practices and activities which renew and reinterpret techniques of needle work, basketry and paper-making as well as multimedia installations, performances, photography, video art, ect.

Our yearly programming consists of six exhibits. The reflections are strong and varied; the uses of techniques are surprising and often interdisciplinary. The projects exhibited are selected by a jury of our members and peers.

The Center is meant to be a place of dialogue. Conferences and artist talks are held regularly and publications are occasionally instigated.