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Deadline: 21 January 2010 (ONLINE)


Charlottenborg Fonden

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
11 March to 9 May 2010

24/7 – an online exhibition space situated on the DR website
11 March to 1 June 2010

Applicants to Spring Exhibition 2010 will be able to apply both to the Spring Exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg and to the special exhibition 24/7 – art created for an online exhibition space. But for each contribution applicants must define for which exhibition space they are applying. Our ambition is to attain a conscious, relevant relation to the potential of new media.

Guidelines for applications to Spring Exhibition 2010

The Spring Exhibition is an adjudicated open exhibition that anyone who is 18 years or older may apply for. Individuals as well as groups are welcome to apply for Spring Exhibition 2010 and the special exhibition 24/7.

The application fee is DKK 500*, which is paid online as the first stage of the application process. Your application is approved on payment, after which you can upload your contribution(s) and re-edit until the deadline on 21 January 2010.

Applications must take place online 14–21 January 2010.

You can submit a maximum of 5 contributions, all of which must be for sale. You can apply with up to 5 contributions in the categories: painting, sculpture, installation, graphic art, architecture, design, photography, video, film, performance, animation, sound art,, software art, visual poetry (mixed forms of text and image). There is a time-limit of 5 minutes for video, film, animation and other time-based works. The works may not be more than two years old.

When you apply to the Spring Exhibition, you must define whether your contribution(s) is/are intended for the physical exhibition space at Kunsthal Charlottenborg or for 24/7, an online exhibition space situated on the DR website.

Your contribution(s) will be assessed by the jury in accordance with the exhibition space you have chosen.

A hotline for application procedure will be in operation 14–21 January 2010 on telephone and e-mail:

Visit website for complete details:

For further information please contact:

Charlottenborg Fonden
Nyhavn 2, DK 1051 København K
T. +45 33 11 11 91, +45 3336 9050

Helle Westergård,
Charlottenborg Fonden

Maria LaBelle,
Kunsthal Charlottenborg
tel. 33 36 90 47

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