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2010 Window to Sculpture Emerging Artist Series

Deadline: Monday, January 19, 2009 (RECEIVE) & (ONLINE)

2010 Window to Sculpture Emerging Artist Series

The Sculpture Center
Cleveland, OH 44106

The Sculpture Center is seeking applicants for its 2010 WINDOW TO SCULPTURE EMERGING ARTIST SERIES with an open Call for Artists. Through the W2S Series, begun in 1991, The Sculpture Center fosters and promotes the careers of exceptional Ohio sculptors during the first ten years of their profession. 4-6 sculptors and installation artists are chosen annually for one-person exhibitions in either the Main or Euclid Avenue Galleries. Each exhibition is accompanied by a full color brochure. The staff of The Sculpture Center works closely with the artist throughout the development of the exhibition and the writing of the brochure. The brochure includes an artist’s statement, checklist, and three images of the sculptor’s artwork.

The sculptor must have an Ohio connection, by birth, current residency, or schooling, but does not need to be currently residing in Ohio.

At the start of the W2S Series (January 2010), the sculptor must have completed an arts degree (undergraduate or graduate), apprenticeship, or period of equivalent self-taught experience at least seven months to a year prior and be no more than ten years into his/her career.

The sculptor may not be attending an art school at the time of the exhibition. If a sculptor chosen for the series enters an art school before the exhibition, he/she forfeits the exhibition opportunity, but may reapply, with preference given, upon graduation.

Submitted images should be of sculpture or installations that indicate current work and, if possible, the nature of the proposed W2S exhibition. The W2S artworks or installations may not have been previously exhibited in northeastern Ohio. The creation of a new or further developed body of work for the W2S Series is encouraged and preferable.

Applications may be made online at / and received by midnight of January 19, 2009, or in hard copy received by January 19, 2009, at 5 PM. A copy of this Application Form and a $30 fee (check, cash, or money order) must be mailed in hard copy to The Sculpture Center and received by January 23, 2009.

Applications cannot be considered without the Application Form and fee.

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