Saturday, April 26, 2008

Platform China Residency Programme

Deadline: 15 November 2008 (RECEIVE)

The Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Platform China Residency Programme
April/May 2009 and September/October 2009

In collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, China, OCA offers a studio residency for an artist or curator at the Platform China Beijing Residency Programme, for two months either in spring (April/May) or fall (September/October) 2009. The artist/curator must be a Norwegian citizen, or live and work in Norway. Travel costs and housing are offered in addition to the grant. The Office for Contemporary Art Norway covers up to NOK 10000,- for travel expenses in addition to a monthly stipend of NOK 8000,- for living expenses. The residency programme is covered by 03–Funding — Funds for the Exchange with Countries in the South. This is a support program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for enhancing collaboration in the contemporary art field with professional artists in countries in the South.

Following the grant, the grant-holder is expected to write a brief report to the Office for Contemporary Art Norway about his or her stay.

Download Application Form [pdf] for details.

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