Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Knotions Magazine --Submit a Pattern

Multiple Deadlines: (RECEIVE)
May 1, 2008
August 1, 2008
November 1, 2008
February 1, 2009


Knotions Magazine

Submit a Pattern

Visit website for complete details:

You may submit a design proposal to our editor for consideration. Proposals should be sent in as early as possible. We'll respond to your proposal as quickly as possible. You should expect approximately 2 weeks of time for us to make a decision.

Your proposal should include description of your design, sketch/sketches, and swatches.

Your submission should be sent via email to our editor and should include:

  • Microsoft Word document using our Submissions Guide as the template, and following our (Standard Measurements .

  • Charts in .GIF format

  • Schematics in .GIF format

  • Photos of the design in .JPG format. Include as many photos as you feel necessary (being worn, close up, variety of angles)

  • Signed statement of originality

  • Guidelines / difficulty level

  • About the designer

  • Thumbnail photo of yourself

  • Short bio (up to 50 words) written in the third person

  • Email address for knitters to contact you

  • Blog or web site link (optional)

  • Paypal email address

Payment for all published patterns is between 75 and 100 USD. Payments are made via Paypal within 1 month of the issue going live.

Publication Schedule
The magazine will be published four times a year, on the first Monday of the month.


Fall 2008May 1, 2008August 4, 2008
Winter 2008August 1, 2008November 3, 2008
Spring 2009November 1, 2008February 2, 2009
Summer 2009February 1, 2008May 4, 2009

Garments must use our Standard Body Measurements as guidance in sizing and grading.

Standard Abbreviations
We've compiled a list of our Standard Abbreviations . Please use them when writing your pattern.