Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fibre & Stitch

Deadline: Ongoing

Fibre & Stitch
Online Mixed Media Zine

Packed with in-depth articles exploring a variety of mixed media techniques using paper, fibre and stitch!

Fibre&Stitch is published 4 times a year. Issues are available on the last Wednesday of February, May, August and November.

Fibre&Stitch is published in adobe acrobat.

Please query us first before writing your article! Your proposal should be emailed to and include:

The full title of the piece along with a summary of the article focus.
A short bio that we may use if your article is selected for publication.
A contact email address and a link to your website or blog if you have one.

Note that by submitting your article to Fibre&Stitch you agree to the following if your article is chosen for publication:

You will be credited for the article on the Table of Contents page and a brief bio will be included on the Meet our Special Guests page inside the zine. We will also provide a link to your website on the Fibre&Stitch special guests page.

You retain all copyright of your artwork and are free to publish it elsewhere after it has been published in Fibre&Stitch. However, you are not permitted to reproduce the article using the Fibre&Stitch layout or share, copy, publish or otherwise reproduce any drafts or final versions of the Fibre&Stitch article.

The article that you are submitting for publication in Fibre&Stitch should adhere to the following:

The work must be original and not previously published in any form.
You are the sole author of the work and own all rights to the work.
The work does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, proprietary, or trade secret of any other person.
Fibre&Stitch reserves the right to edit, revise, correct, title or re-title the article you provide.

Fibre&Stitch reserves the right to terminate this agreement with no obligation to print the article if you do not deliver the article by any agreed upon due dates.

Visit website for complete details: