Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Studio Museum in Harlem Artist-in-Residence Program 2008-2009

Deadline: April 1, 2008 (POSTMARK)

The Studio Museum in Harlem

Artist-in-Residence Program 2008-2009

The Studio Museum in Harlem is a contemporary art museum that focuses on the work of artists of African descent locally, nationally and globally, as well as work that has been inspired and influenced by African-American culture, through its exhibitions, Artists-in-Residence program, education and public programming, permanent collection, archival and research facilities. The Studio Museum in Harlem is committed to serving as a unique resource in its local community and in national and international arenas by making art works and exhibitions concrete and personal for each viewer and providing a context within which to address the contemporary and historical issues presented through art created by artists of African descent.

The Museum offers an Artists-In-Residence Program for three emerging artists who are granted a free non-living studio space, a $15,000 fellowship, and a $1,000 material stipend. The program is designed to serve emerging African-American artists and artists of African descent internationally. Artist's media is not limited and may include sculpture, painting, printmaking, digital art, mixed media, photography, and film and video. Selected artists have access to the Museum's studio on a daily basis.

Toward the end of the residency, an exhibition of the artist's work is presented in the Museum's galleries. Resident artists conduct two workshops or presentations during the year and occasionally meet with museum visitors.

Applications must be post marked by April 1, 2008.

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are an artist of African descent.
  • You are able to demonstrate at least three years of professional commitment and are currently engaged in studio work.

You are not eligible if:

  • You will be attending school during the residency.
  • You produce art as a hobby.

Panelists use the following criteria in evaluating applicants:

  • Quality of the applicants work as indicated by submitted visual documentation.
  • A record of exhibition and critical review.
  • Demonstration of a serious and consistent dedication of the professional practice of fine arts through submitted artwork and other documents.
  • Evidence that the applicant is at a critical juncture in their development which will be advanced by the residency.
  • Letters of recommendation from established visual arts professionals that express support of the applicant's work.

Click here for AIR Program Application Form.