Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Reader's Art 8

Deadline: January 30, 2008 (RECEIVE)

A Reader's Art 8: handmade with care
Susan Hensel Gallery
Minneapolis, MN

Reader's Art, at Susan Hensel Gallery in South Minneapolis, is approaching "venerable" in its longevity. Started in East Lansing, Michigan, as a small Midwest show eight years ago, it has grown to become a wide ranging show that pulls in work from coast to coast. Each year the show has a loose theme. "More like a suggestion," states director and curator Susan Hensel. The themes have been geographical, sculptural, political, frugal.

This year artists are asked to submit books/bookobjects that have the emphasis on the mark of the hand, with special weight given to submissions using handmade paper. I will be showing a few artists in greater depth. Send up to 10 jpgs or slides for consideration by January 30, 2008.


2-d and 3-d are welcome.
All media welcome, all approaches, even installation and performance. Editions or one of a kind books and book objects or book referential work. I am always willing to expand the reaches of book art to the edges of the known universe and beyond.


Send accurate slides,photos, MAC compatible cd-rom of the work you plan to show, with SASE for return, or Email high quality jpg's.
Written explanation of the work is welcomed.
Appointments may be made for in-person viewing of work.

Accepted artists will be expected to provide a resume and artist's statement about their work and press clippings. Accepted artists will be asked to provide client lists as well.

SALES AT SUSAN HENSEL GALLERY are encouraged but not required.
You may send NFS work.

All work is sold on consignment.
The gallery keeps 40% of the sale price.
The artist receives 60% of the sale price.

Visit website to view complete application guidelines: http://www.susanhenselgallery.com/

Susan Hensel Design
3441 Cedar Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407
612 722-2324