Sunday, January 27, 2008

Interpreting Brooklyn

Deadline: February 8, 2008 (RECEIVE)

Interpreting Brooklyn
Brooklyn Historical Society

The Brooklyn Historical Society connects the past to the present and makes Brooklyn’s vibrant history tangible, relevant, and meaningful for today’s diverse communities, and for generations to come. Founded in 1863, Brooklyn Historical Society (BHS) functions as a library, museum, and urban education center dedicated to the people of Brooklyn, providing opportunities for civic dialogue and thoughtful engagement.

Brooklyn Historical Society seeks proposals from artists and writers for participation in the upcoming project, Interpreting Brooklyn. Artists and writers are invited to submit a proposal to create work in response to our collections. The project will culminate in an exhibition in the Society’s galleries and a series of readings, performances, and programs, all scheduled to begin in October 2008. Thanks to a generous grant from the Getty Foundation, each participant (individual or group) will receive a $6,000 stipend.

BHS will invite ten participants (individuals or groups) to create new works that creatively interpret BHS’s collections. All artists and writers will attend workshops at which the BHS staff will provide guidance in exploring the depth and breadth of the collections, touring the museum galleries as well as the storage facilities where a number of works that have not been seen by the public in many years are located.

Ultimately the artists and writers will identify works in the collections that served as inspiration for original work they will create. Participants may create in collaboration or independently and are welcome to visit and work at the BHS whenever staff members are available. The exhibition and programs will include the artists’ and writers’ work along with the objects from BHS’s collections that inspired them.

Five Key Reasons We’re Interpreting Brooklyn

1. To reinterpret BHS’s collection through diverse and contemporary
2. To provide artists with the access, materials, and resources they
need to respond creatively to BHS’s collection.
3. To create an exhibition and programs of work for a broad range of
adult audiences.
4. To educate the public about BHS’s holdings.
5. BHS also hopes to publish a catalogue documenting the
exhibition, including any fiction, poetry, drama, etc., produced by
the selected participants (pending further funding).

Who is eligible to apply?

Any individual or group working creatively in any media including, but not limited to, visual and installation artists; photographers; writers, composers, and playwrights; as well as dancers and performance artists. Applicants need not reside in Brooklyn, but preference will be given to those with a strong Brooklyn connection. A $6,000 stipend will be given to the selected participants.

Important notes regarding submissions:
Proposals that are not specific to this project will not be considered. Website links may be accepted as a component of your submission. Please do not send original artwork.

Those accepted must be able to attend a series of workshops at BHS for which transportation costs will not be additionally reimbursed.

Deadlines and Important Dates:
• Submissions of applications/proposals must be received by February 8, 2008.
• Requisite 1/2-day workshops for selected participants will be held on March 25 and April 2, 2008.
• Artists will continue to work to develop their projects to be completed by September 19, 2008.

Interpreting Brooklyn has been made possible by a generous grant from the Getty Foundation.

Download the prospectus: interpreting_open_call.pdf

The Brooklyn Historical Society
128 Pierrepont Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201