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CARTASIA 2018, International Biennial Dedicated to Paper

Multiple Deadlines: {ONLINE}
December 14, 2017 OutDoor Call For Artists
February 14, 2018  InDoor Call For Artists
February 14, 2018  Design Call For Artists

Cultural Association Metropolis
Lucca (Tuscany), Italy
August - September 2018

Cartasia is the international Biennial dedicated to paper and its shapes, explored and experienced as never before. At Cartasia, paper becomes a means to express Art, a versatile element of Design, a topic to expand on during Talks and games and discoveries for Fun activities.
As every edition, the Biennial invites international artists and designers to converge within the ancient walls of Lucca, to create a unique event: the first International Biennial dedicated to the use of paper as a form of art, design, education and entertainment. Founded in 2004, Cartasia promotes art that is innovative, unique and ecological, thanks to the collaboration of leading groundbreaking figures in this sector. The choice of paper as an instrument is moved by ethical and traditional awareness: paper represents a historical industry for the Lucca area, and still today is a great economical resource.
The Biennial holds a mirror up to society: every topic is food for thought about our current affairs and the changes that every era and culture bring with it. The topic for the 9th Biennial is Chaos and Silence.
Cartasia originates from a sustainable philosophy, and aims to be an observer and representative of society, as such it approaches contemporary topics, seeking different points of view and solutions. According to the Biennial, the artist and designer have an important role in society. For this reason the Biennial chooses projects that use paper in a bold and original way, keeping in line with the edition's theme: Chaos and Silence. The Biennial isn't just exhibitions, events and entertainment: it's also an occasion for networking and updates on the art world thanks to Talks, two "three day" sessions dedicated to art and design, to be held respectively at the beginning and end of the Biennial.
The Biennial encourages the participation and involvement of international artists and designers through 3 Call for Artists, which will help create three exhibitions: OutDoor, InDoor and Design.
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Call for Artists OutDoor: involves an artist's residency during which the artist creates monumental sculptures with the Biennale's support, to then be installed in squares and/or on the walls of Lucca (and surrounding area).Call for Artists InDoor: we're looking for art pieces and performances to create one or more exhibitions in symbolic locations of Lucca.Call for Artists Designwe welcome ideas and projects, some of which will be selected, created and exhibited in symbolic locations of Lucca.
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Cultural Association Metropolis
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