Friday, September 18, 2015

Manifest Gallery: MACROscope

Deadline: October 2, 2015 {ONLINE}

Call for Submissions
Manifest Gallery

Cincinnati, OH
November 6, 2015 to December 4, 2015

MACROSCOPE is a gallery exhibit that seeks works of art of any medium, style, or genre, which explore big ideas. This is open to very wide interpretation, and may be descriptive, symbolic, or literal in representing or embodying grand ideas themselves, or the process of considering them.

This exhibit has no predefined expectation for type, style, or media of work to be considered or selected. Submissions can range from the most traditional to the most conceptual, abstract, technical, or experimental. The only criteria is that works must in some way represent or address the stated theme.

MACROSCOPE is open to everyone. Professionals as well as students are encouraged to enter. The only limitation is that entries must represent original works of art that address the stated theme. There is no size restriction, other than what can fit through our doors or hang on our walls. (Gallery floor plan). If in doubt about very large works fitting the gallery, contact us to inquire. There is no date restriction.

Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media (2D, 3D, video, etc.). Manifest's carefully assembled juries change from project to project, and have no collective predisposition towards any particular kind or style of art.

$36 for up to three entries submitted. $10 per each additional entry. Fees are non-refundable.

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Manifest Gallery
2727 woodburn avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Drawing Center
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