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Hamilton Artists Inc. Call for Submissions: CHANCE

Deadline: November 1, 2014 {EMAIL}

Call for Submissions
Hamilton Artists Inc.

The James Gallery
Hamilton, ON
April 30 – June 11, 2015

Submissions to exhibit in the James Gallery are based on annual juried calls developed by the Programming Committee. You must be a member in good standing to exhibit in this space. Priority is given to members who have not previously exhibited. The James Gallery provides a professional platform for member artists to exhibit current work. Once confirmed, exhibiting artists are encouraged to apply to the Ontario Arts Council’s Exhibition Assistance Program to help with the costs associated with mounting exhibitions.


Artists who investigate chance intentionally pursue an unexpected result, a result that captures the occurrence or development of a sequence of events outside the parameters of a predetermined outcome. The territory between intention and an unintentional outcome may be used as a strategy for creating artworks where the process of generating the work is often considered the finished work in and of itself. Invoking unpredictability challenges our own ideas about what an artwork may be, look like, or say about the process of making art in the studio. Chance may begin with a simple observation, a daily activity such as walking, or it may be the result of a system or set of parameters within which an artist may simply witness what occurs.

For this open call exhibition, the Inc. is interested in showcasing the work of members who intentionally court the unintentional in their studio practice.

Application Checklist:
  • Application Form, fully completed.
  • 5 images of proposed or existing work: the included images can either represent the work you intend to exhibit or can be used as a representation of your current practice.
  • Artistʼs CV (3 pages max.) and artist biography (350 words max.)
  • (Optional) Articles, interviews etc. related to your proposed work, scanned and saved as a PDF or Word document. (max 2 articles)

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Application Form

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If you have any questions concerning the application process please contact Caitlin Sutherland, Programming Coordinator, at

Hamilton Artists Inc.

155 James Street North
Hamilton ON

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