Sunday, December 22, 2013

NoVa Mini Maker Faire


NoVa Mini Maker Faire

South Lakes High School
Reston, Virginia
March 16, 2014

Makers are people who design or create things. This can be anything from: robots, knitting, pickling, kinetic sculpture, musical instruments, great hacks for devices, gardens, bikes, solar ovens, t-shirts, wearable electronics, 3d-printers…. It’s endless. We love the Maker Movement, and we want you to be a part of it.

Makers can choose to exhibit and teach in the large space, or do special presentations on our stage.

Share your Maker know-how and enthusiasm! We’re especially interested in interactive and hands-on opportunities for attendees. We want to showcase a diverse set of makers, presenters and performers including:

◾ Robotics builders
◾ 3D printing enthusiasts
◾ Woodworkers
◾ Mobile app designers
◾ Arduino enthusiasts
◾ Food makers, growers & foragers
◾ Drone enthusiasts and builders
◾ Knitters, weavers & yarn bombers
◾ Street magicians
◾ Solar engineers
◾ Artists & sculptors
◾ Fashion designers
◾ Musicians and performers
◾ Costume makers and cosplayers
◾ Art car designers and art bike builders
◾ Bee keepers
◾ Musical instrument makers
◾ STEM educators & presenters
◾ Artisanal craftspeople
◾ oung Makers
◾ Giant game makers
◾ Lego builders
◾ Inventors and tinkerers
◾ Many more!

We provide makers with:
◾ Electricity
◾ Wifi Internet connection
◾ Indoor and outdoor space
◾ An audience of 5,000 people
◾ Space for vendors

Visit for more information and registration form.

Nova Mini Maker Faire is independently organized and operated under license from Maker Media, Inc.