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SÍM Residency

Two Deadlines: (ONLINE) and (EMAIL)

January 15 for July-December same year
July 31 for January-June the following year

Artist Residency
Samband Íslenskra Myndlistarmanna
The association of Icelandic visual artists

Reykjavík, Iceland
July – December 2014

The SIM Residency is an international residency located in Reykjavík and run by SÍM, The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. The residency was formed in 2002 and started with an apartment and studio for one artist in the SÍM – house at Hafnarstræti in the city center. Since then the residency has gradually grown and we now welcome around twelve artists every month.

In June 2006 the SIM- Residency added nine studio and living spaces at Seljavegur 32, a building that also includes studios for about fifty SÍM members. In 2007 another three studios were added at Korpúlfsstaðir, an old dairy farm located on the outskirts of Reykjavík. Korpúlfsstaðir also houses studios for about forty SÍM members, as well as an art school, workshop- and exhibition space.

The original studio and apartment at Hafnarstræti has now been turned into a three guestroom apartment, which is rented out to local and international artists on a short-term basis.

The main objective of the SIM Residency is to function as a direct link between visual artists, both nationally and internationally by bringing them together from different parts of the world to work in close company with each other. To be a venue for international artists to take part in the Icelandic art scene, thereby creating a broader context within which local and international artists can experience their own work. The SIM Residency seeks to promote an environment of reflection, study and play by providing artists with a working environment that supports the artistic process.

The SIM Residency welcomes visual artists of all media to Reykjavík for residencies lasting one to three months. The residency includes studio spaces for a total of thirteen artists each month. The artists get a living space and a studio right next to each other, with shared kitchen facilities and bathrooms. The Seljavegur residency has a big communal room that is good for working on bigger things. The application deadlines are twice a year, but we do encourage people who are interested in coming to SIM for a residency to apply using the short notice application see here or contact us about availability. The Korpúlfsstaðir Residency program is only run in the summer time for three months, between June and September.

Discipline(s) and media

All media of visual arts such as:
✓Textile art
✓Sound art

Items to submit with Application:

- Short project description (max 400 words)
- Resumé/CV
- 3 - 5 photos of work in JPEG format (preferable size 300-500 KB)

Duration of residencies
Residencies last for one to three whole months. Longer residencies are possible by arrangement.

Expenses paid by artists
The artist pays a residency fee for the stay at SÍM as well as his own travel expenses and all other personal living expenses during the residency.

Selection procedure
A panel of professional SÍM artists review the applications shortly after the deadline however there is no deadline for short notice applications and artists can apply through that process in between the two deadlines per year. Applicants are notified of the committee´s decisions within 4-6 weeks of the deadline after the two deadlines and applicants for short notice application are notified within few weeks.

Application deadlines are twice a year:
15.January for July-December same year
31.July for January-June the following year

Visit website for complete details:

Online Application: