Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One if by land, and two if by sea...

The Updates are Coming! The Updates are Coming!

Hello Friends:

First, it's great to see so many new subscribers & followers. Welcome!

Second, we are preparing for a rather large posting. We decided to break the whole process down into digestible parts so the updates will be spread over three days. The first batch will be posted tomorrow, the next on Thursday and the final batch on Friday. If we need to make changes to this schedule, we'll let you know in advance.

The purpose of this great push is to ensure the site is "full and plenty" so we can take a short break in September. No worries, my friends; we just need to do some behind the scenes work.

That's it for now. Of course if you have questions, comments or wish to submit an item for possible inclusion on the site, please feel to use the form on our contact page.


Elise N.