Saturday, April 11, 2009

Troika 7: 'small art' exhibition

Deadline: 12 May 2009 (RECEIVE)

Troika 7
'small art' exhibition
17th MAY - 31st MAY 2009

The exhibition is open to everyone and each contributor may enter as many works as they like. This will be a 'no frills' exhibition where unframed unmounted works will be pinned to a board and spaces will be filled when and where items are sold.

We are asking contributors to send us works no larger than postcard size (6" X 4") . All media accepted (painting, drawings, photos, collages or anything else) but it must be able to be pinned to a board...if we can't pin it, it can't be exhibited.

We ask contributors to remain anonymous until their piece is sold by clearly PRINTING their name and email address ON THE REVERSE side of each of their works, along with date, signature and any other information they may wish the buyer to have i.e. web site.

Works exhibited will be on sale for a fixed price of £10.

All entries must include a stamped addressed envelope with enough postage to return work and any payments due.

We are a non-profit making organisation of volunteer artists working for the benefit of other artists and art lovers. TROIKA cannot be held responsible for damage or loss, and so if required, we request that contributors make their own insurance arrangements. However, we shall endeavour to avoid any such problems. We ask contributors to enter into the spirit of this exhibition, which is designed to show the public the divesity of contemporary artists, and also to give the artists an opportunity to step outside of their usual boxes.


To avoid mailing complications, we suggest that contributors, wherever possible, get together in small collectives to send packets with a self-addressed envelope and enough cash (in notes) to cover returns inside. NO CHEQUES PLEASE. Please make sure that you enclose sufficient value, as I remind you that this is a non-profit exhibition run by volunteers with no funding. Please make sure that you send early enough for us to receive by 12th. May 2009.

TROIKA is a contemporary art event organiser, run voluntarily by artists for the benefit of other artists and art lovers. We try to organise regular exhibitions for a succession of ever changing exhibitors, selected usually by word of mouth and via approaches from artists that hear of us. Our main concern is to find the most interesting artists working within a 'contemporary' framework, trying to keep an open mind as to how that may be interpreted.

We stress that we are not an artistic 'group' working in a similar style with similar concerns. We are quite the opposite, in that we are constantly searching for those with different perspectives and working methods. Even our two core members work very differently from each other, and endeavour to produce completely new work for each show. Diversity has become our quest, and hopefully each exhibition we organise will demonstrate that.

We welcome contact from artists who feel they could contribute within our loose guidelines, and might want to be part of our future exhibitions. We are based near Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

David Ancell
tel: (0)1692 652287 [UK]

Visit webiste for entry details: