Sunday, March 15, 2009

Textile Center Teaching Proposals

Deadline: Ongoing

Textile Center Class or Workshop Proposal

Textile Center
Minneapolis, MN

Class Proposals
Class proposals are accepted at any time. Classes are scheduled on a trimester basis. In order to be considered for a particular trimester, proposals must be complete and submitted a minimum of 3 months prior to that trimester’s start:

Summer Classes (May through August): Proposals due by first week of February
Fall Classes (September through December): Proposals due by first week of June
Winter/Spring Classes (Jan through April): Proposals due by first week of October

Class proposals are selected based on a wide variety of criteria and any proposals that are not accepted for a particular semester will be kept on file and considered for future schedules.

Criteria used for selecting classes include, but are not limited to:
Interest of Textile Center students
Other classes offered in the semester (diversity of topics and techniques)
Scheduling – Space or equipment available
Price and time constraints
Level of experience required of students
Completeness and detail of proposal
Topics that support the Textile Center’s mission

Instructor Payment and Class Pricing
Teachers are paid $20 per teaching hour. Price is negotiable for teachers who are
traveling from out of the metro area or based on teaching experience.

Proposals may be submitted via mail or email.


Class Proposal Form [pdf]
Class Proposal Guidelines [pdf]

Visit website for complete details:

Textile Center
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Minneapolis, MN 55414

For more information
Telephone: 612.436.0464