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Port Moody Arts Centre: 2009 Wearable Art Awards

Deadline: March 6, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. (RECEIVE)

2009 Wearable Art Awards

Port Moody Arts Centre
Port Moody, BC
Performance: May 9, 2009 and May 10, 2009
Exhibition: May 14 - June 28, 2009

The Wearable Art Awards is not a fashion show, it is a multi-media performance where the human body becomes a living, breathing, moving canvas. We are looking for more than a “pretty dress.” We are asking you to go deep into your imagination to create a wearable piece of art that challenges what most consider to be wearable, or everyday fashion.

The Wearable Art Awards is committed to challenging artists of all mediums to push their imaginations to create evocative, imaginative and thought provoking sculpture for the human body.

The categories for the 2009 Wearable Art Awards are:

Brassiere Fantasque
Recycled Materials†

† Entries must be a full outfit to be considered for this category. To be considered a full outfit, the submission should cover a model’s top and bottom.

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • All entries must be wearable (but not necessarily practical)

  • Creativity and originality (not streetwear)

  • Design and the use of multiple techniques

  • Presentation and skill with media

  • Concept/Message

  • Innovative materials or innovative use of traditional materials (thinking outside of the box)

$5,000 in prize money will be awarded. Amount and number of prizes within categories will be dependent on the number of entries received and subject to the jury’s discretion. Maximum amount of a single prize to be awarded will be $500.

Entry Information
To participate in the 2009 Wearable Art Awards, the artist’s application package must be received by the Port Moody Arts Centre no later than 5 pm on March 6, 2009. This application package contains:

Completed entry form;
Completed entry summary sheet – stating the entry’s title, materials/media used, garment size, and a 150 word statement – for each entry to be entered into the competition;
Entry fee of $30 for each entry to be entered into the competition; and
CD containing photos of each entry to be entered into the competition.

Our panel of judges will review the application packages received and select those entries that will be part of the Wearable Art performances and exhibition. Artists whose entries are chosen will be notified by March 9, 2009 through email.

Further details—including a must-read FAQ document and copies of the various forms—are located on our web site at

Wearable Art Awards
c/o Port Moody Arts Centre
2425 St Johns Street
Port Moody, British Columbia, CANADA
V3H 2B2