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Minnesota Center for Book Arts: Artists-in-Residence Program

Three Deadlines: (POSTMARK) & (Ongoing)
February 1, 2009
June 1, 2009
October 1, 2009

2009 Artists-in-Residence Program
Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Minneapolis, MN

The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program is designed to support selected artists by providing resources, space and equipment to assist in the creation and promotion of their work. In turn, artists provide technical and educational assistance to Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Residencies may be from two weeks to four months in duration.

Studios and equipment are available to facilitate work in papermaking, printing and bookbinding.

Participation in the program is based on the artistic merit of proposed projects as well as the degree to which artists further MCBA's artistic vision: to preserve the traditional crafts of fine printing, bookbinding and papermaking; champion book art as a vital contemporary art form; and demonstrate the critical role artists' books play in the advancement of cultural and visual literacy.

The Selection Process
Applications and supporting materials will be reviewed by MCBA's Artistic Director, Executive Director and two panelists from the book arts community. In the event that no viable candidates emerge, no residencies will be offered in the period. Likewise, stipends may not be awarded in every cycle.

A variety of factors will be used to assess residency candidates. Base criteria are listed below. These elements should be clearly articulated in the candidate's letter of intent, project description, artist statement and resume. They should also be supported by work submitted for visual review.

Technical expertise as demonstrated through the artist's body of work and practical experience
A readiness by the artist to be part of MCBA's community
The specificity and clarity of artistic goals as expressed through the artist's project description and artist statement
The artist's willingness to mentor and use interns in their project
The ability of the artist to represent MCBA in the national book arts community
Demonstrations of past collaborative work with other artists and arts organizations
The artist's ability to teach and share their expertise
The degree to which the residency benefits the artist's further development
In addition to the above criteria, the awarding of stipends up to $1,000 will be based on the following factors:
The clarity and detail of the project budget submitted
Benefits the artist would bring to MCBA through their expertise and work
The artistic merit of the proposed project

Artist-in-Residence Benefits

The Artist will have access to, use of, and responsibility for MCBA facilities and equipment.

The Artist is encouraged to enlist one or more interns to assist with studio maintenance and/or studio production work.

The Artist is encouraged to submit class, workshop or lecture proposals to MCBA.The Artist will be paid by contract for teaching classes and workshops at a rate equal to other MCBA instructors.

From time to time, Artists-in-Residence execute special project work for MCBA or other associated individuals or groups. Under these conditions, Artists-in-Residence are compensated at a rate equal to similar MCBA contracts. Special project work is dependant on demand and is not ensured for all program participants.

If the Artist chooses to market his/her work produced at MCBA through MCBA's Studio Shop, MCBA may choose certain works for sale on a consignment basis. Joint promotion may be undertaken depending on the availability of funding for the project and whether such a project fits into MCBA's programming.

Application and Residency Timelines

Residency Periods are as follows:

Residency Period 4/1/09 – 7/31/09
Applications with support materials must be postmarked no later than 2/1/09
Residencies will be announced by 2/15/09

Residency Period 8/1/09 – 11/3/091
Applications with support materials must be postmarked no later than 6/1/09
Residencies will be announced by 6/15/09

Residency Period 12/1/09 – 3/31/09
Applications with support materials must be postmarked no later than 10/1/09
Residencies will be announced by 10/15/09

Download an Artist-in-Residence Application.

For further information about the residency, contact MCBA Artistic Director Jeff Rathermel at 612.215.2526.

Visit the website for additional details:

Minnesota Center for Book Arts is located in
the Open Book Building in downtown Minneapolis
1011 Washington Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: 612.215.2520
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