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January 31, 2009 (POSTMARK)

Blue Sky Project
Artist-in-Residence Program 2009

University of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio

Seeking proposals from artists, artists/activists and creative professionals: Visual Artists, Filmmakers, Writers, Dancers, Musicians, Performance Artists and people working in Other Creative Media are encouraged to apply.

Blue Sky Project is an innovative summer arts community in Dayton, Ohio. Relocated for 2009 to the University of Dayton after four years in McHenry County, Illinois, we are committed to producing significant works of contemporary art by linking young people aged 14 – 18 from throughout the community with professional artists from around the world to pursue project proposed by the artists. The perspectives and insights of young people have a tremendous amount to offer artists and we are interested in seeing what happens when they collaborate.

Your current creative practice and new ideas should provide the foundation for your proposed activities. Our program is not art education; It is essential that participating artists understand the unique opportunity presented and think about ways they can use their collaborative time with youth to their own maximum artistic benefit.

Possible lines of thinking about project include: (for thinking only--answers not to be included in application)

• Blue Sky as a laboratory in which you investigate an idea relevant to your practice.
• In what ways might you want to open up your practice and how can use your time with Blue Sky to experiment, produce a prototype or test a new idea?
• What can you make or do that you can’t on your own or in your own region?
• Are teens or issues around adolescence the subject of a work you haven’t yet made?
• What can you gain by seeing how a group of people use the same materials and ideas you have been using for years?

Your project must be achievable in eight-weeks, within a $1,000 budget (not including final presentation expenses). However,
artists may supplement with personal funds or other grants. To see examples of previous projects, please visit


  • Blue Sky Project pays a stipend of $7,000 for 8.5 weeks: 8 program + .5 orientation

  • Location: Our Monday - Thursday activities take place at the University of Dayton.

  • Facilities include, ceramics studio, photography lab, computer lab, drawing and painting studios.
    Studio space is accessible seven days a week.

  • Blue Sky Project is a community-based program so Artists-in-Residence may be asked to give some of their time/talent back to the community in support of Blue Sky.
    These requests are not mandatory but we ask artists to keep in mind the community support that makes Blue Sky possible.

Download the Request for Proposal form/application:

Visit the website for additional

15 West Fourth Street, Suite 330
Dayton, Ohio 45402
p. 847.287.6702