Thursday, October 04, 2007

Small Magazine Seeks Contributors

Deadline: Ongoing/Unspecified

Small Magazine

Small is a magazine of creative work on a small scale and for the small sized. Although primarily for children’s products and designs it is also about small-scale productions. We are looking for people that are interested in play, children, childhood and the child within and who produce high quality work and independent products and design on a small-scale.

All interested fashion designers, artists, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, furniture and toy makers please send a link to your online portfolio(s) to: and we'll contact you about the possibility of commissioning you or incorporating your work within the magazine.

If you would like to be considered for our ongoing small projects: small draw (a developing fine art ‘colouring book’), the small photo project or to dress the small paper doll please send a link to your work to

Small is predominantly pictorial but will feature some small articles 300-400 words long. Email your ideas or pieces to

We are looking for products to feature in our small skin (skin and baby care), small furniture, a small something (gifts), small play (toys), small threads (children’s clothes) sections. : If you think your product can be used in our magazine features please contact us with a link to your shop. We are looking for original, high quality, items that can be purchased in online shops. We will need a high-resolution image of your product on a plain background.

Fashion stories: If you would to have an item included in a fashion shoot – please contact us. We understand that producing on a small-scale means you cannot afford to have items out for long so we work hard to make it easy for you. We cover postage and return all borrowed items very quickly.

Photographers and stylists: if you are interested in doing a fashion story– please contact us with your idea and a link to your work. Our fashion stories do not have to be traditional studio shot with professional child models. We are interested in new ideas and all work that is created independently, well executed and exciting.

Please note- We may not be able to respond if we are not able to use your items. If we do use your work we reserve the right to edit for content or to fit in our format with the contributors consent. At this stage we are not able to compensate contributors for their work as we are a not for profit production. We aim to give your work as much exposure as possible.

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