Sunday, September 23, 2007

House of White Birches (HWB) Quilting Publications

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HWB Quilting Publications

2007 Designer Guidelines

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Submission guidelines [pdf]

House of White Birches publishes Quilter's World magazine, two quilting hardcover books and several smaller quilting books a year.

Project submissions or manuscripts: Each publication has its own style. Look through recent copies of each one to familiarize yourself with that style and the type of project that has been published recently. Pattern your submissions after those in the publication to which you are submitting your designs.

Quilter's World is a general quilting publication. In each issue we highlight a designer, share a special technique and an article on subjects of special interest to quilters. We include 12–15 patterns in every issue. Both contemporary and traditional designs that use quick-cutting and -piecing techniques and/or templates are featured in this magazine.

To receive an editorial calendar, contact:

Some Quilt Books feature the work of one quilter and include several projects with a specific theme. They are usually 8 to 128 pages in length. Other Quilt Books feature the work of many quilters. They include 30 to 60 projects around a general theme. The theme for multidesigner books is sent to quilters in our database, but can also be requested.

• Begin each submission with a sentence or two about the topic/project (a personal anecdote or historical information about the project).

• Include a list of materials needed to complete the project using generic names. Brand names can be listed beneath the Materials List in the form of a credit. If you do so, provide exact names of products and a current address for the company.

Writing guidelines:

• Query letters with photos are encouraged. Unsolicited manuscripts should be typewritten, easy to read and accompanied by return postage if the materials need to be returned.

• Color slides or clear photographs are accepted. Please provide photo captions for all photographs. Digital files are accepted only on approval.

Send submissions and completed projects:

Quilter's World
Sandra Hatch
185 Sweet Rd.
Lincoln, ME 04457
(207) 794-3290

For books:
Jeanne Stauffer
{Book Name}
House of White Birches
306 East Parr Road
Berne, IN 46711
(260) 589-4000, ext. 326

Questions about the status of a book design contact:
Dianne Schmidt
Associate Editor
(260) 589-4000, ext. 376